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CAPTURE. Photograph your amazing adventures and turn those memories into a masterpiece!


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Photofy knows your photos are an extension of you, and with our free photo-enhancement app, adding your personal touch has never been easier. Choose between thousands of professionally designed typography, graphics, stickers, and frames. In a few seconds you can transform your ordinary photos into instant works of art and expression and share them with the world.

Photofy has searched the globe combining designs from the world's most creative designers and has amassed an image, graphic and typography gallery of over twenty thousand graphics. Popular graphic categories range from family to sports, birthday, holiday, fashion, friends, kids and love. Simply upload your favorite photo, crop, and sample our different graphics until you find the perfect fit. You can also use Photofy as a photo-editing app, allowing you to filter your photo's saturation effects by sepia, black and white and other popular and professional photo styles filters.

Photofy is a free photo app for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Our Mission

To spark the next generation of photo sharing by empowering our users to personalize their images through simple application of overlays for self-expression, event celebrations and brand engagement.

Become a Contributor

Photofy has the best content for users because of their global team of designers and photographers. This crowd-sourcing contributor platform allows artists, designers and photographers to submit their work for the chance to become a Photofy contributor. We compensate our contributors based on the volume of approved content.

Pro for Business

Photofy helps businesses connect with their clients in today's social world. Photofy gives brands an intuitive way to create recognition through sharing their enhanced photos as a part of their social media and ad campaigns. Upload photos into the app, enhance with corporate logos or branding, share & succeed.