Enterprise Notifications: Instantly Communicate with your Photofy Team

Photofy is a powerful tool for enabling employees to have access to your latest graphics, assets, and photography for creating their own content. However, notifications of content plans, time-sensitive posts, and new assets can go unnoticed in emails. Photofy Pro now offers the ability to send mobile push notifications to your team members and employees … Continue reading “Enterprise Notifications: Instantly Communicate with your Photofy Team”

Using Tokens in Photofy Enterprise

First we need to answer the question: What are tokens? No, they’re not the little coins you use to play video games at the arcade. At least, not in this case. At Photofy, we use digital tokens to save information within your app to make it faster and easier for you to create the images … Continue reading “Using Tokens in Photofy Enterprise”

Using your Photofy Data

You likely already know that Photofy is the easiest way to create and share employee created content for your business. However, for our business users on our Photofy Pro platform, we also provide a lot of data to help you and your team create the best and most consistent content you can. Quick Stats If … Continue reading “Using your Photofy Data”

Nobody Cares Podcast Episode 7: Nobody Cares about Brands

John, Mike, and Casey discuss the death of the brand the future of private label everything. Why is private label dominating for retailers like Amazon? Would you buy $24 Amazon Basics pants? All this and more on this week’s #NobodyCaresPodcast

Why use Photofy- The Before and After

Have you ever posted an image on your social media pages, spend the extra money to boost it, and noticed that it didn’t perform as well as you had hoped? It happens all the time. We are here to help you change that! Photofy is a powerful content creation tool that will help you create beautiful, … Continue reading “Why use Photofy- The Before and After”

Nobody Cares Episode 6: Nobody cares about Influencers

John, Casey, and Mike return to discuss the alleged death of “influencers” and the impending death of humanity at the hand of AI. #nobodycares

Unlock more Photofy for Less!

We have had a lot of our customers ask us if there was a way to unlock more Photofy, instead of having to purchase individual packs and features. We think we’ve figured out a way to do just that… Introducing 3 new ways to get more Photofy! Photofy Premium Subscription: 99¢/mo… unlocks all designs Photofy … Continue reading “Unlock more Photofy for Less!”

Nobody Cares Podcast Episode 4: Nobody Cares about Google Guides

Sometimes nobody cares because nobody knows something exists at all. John and Casey are joined by Mike Fraser of Avalanche MediaWorks to talk Google Guides and local SEO.

Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency

This article, Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency, originally appeared at TedRubin.com.  If you own a hospitality or service business, chances are that you’ve encountered some negative user-generated-content (UGC) on sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor—even Facebook. Let’s face it… digital technology has enabled third parties to insert themselves in between brands and their … Continue reading “Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency”

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