Small Business Saturday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and you’ve heard of Cyber Monday.  But have you ever taken part in Small Business Saturday?  Also known as project Shop Small, this shopping holiday was created to benefit and support small business owners in America.  American Express created the holiday, which began on November 27, 2010, and encouraged shoppers … Continue reading “Small Business Saturday”

Prepare Yourself for Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is one of those “holidays” that you either love or hate, (or maybe it’s love to hate and hate to love).  To be honest, just about any other day of the year I can’t stand waiting in lines or shop in retail stores during the holiday season – but Black Friday is the … Continue reading “Prepare Yourself for Black Friday Madness”

Thanksgiving Photo Enhancing Stickers

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite time of year. Maybe it’s the turkey that I’ll eat way too much of, maybe it’s the caramel apples I’ll make with Grandma in the morning or maybe it’s simply the joy of spending time with family during this bountiful fall season.  I feel like I have so many things … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Photo Enhancing Stickers”

Baby Fever

Think about all the milestone events you share on facebook, twitter or pinterest.  There’s your birthday each year, family pics from the holidays, your son’s first baseball game…the list goes on and on.  The truth is, we can’t wait to share when something fun, exciting or new happens in our lives, and we can’t wait … Continue reading “Baby Fever”

Let Photofy Enhance Your Business

About ten years ago, the extent of your company’s marketing and advertising was likely through magazine & newspaper ads, paid commercials and flyers.  You might hold an open house to increase local business and spread news of your organization by word of mouth. Today the advertising world has greatly evolved, and social media has become … Continue reading “Let Photofy Enhance Your Business”

Tips and Tricks for Taking iPhone Photos

In today’s need-it-now, technology-crazed society, our smartphones have turned us all into professional photographers.  We have filtering, editing and enhancing capabilities at our fingertips, thanks to phone features and specialized apps, like Photofy.  Gone are the days of SD cards and digital cameras…quite honestly, I don’t even know where my digital camera is! Being that … Continue reading “Tips and Tricks for Taking iPhone Photos”

I Am Thankful For. . .

While shopping at Michael’s today, I couldn’t help but notice the instant holiday feel I had as I was walking through the aisles.  End caps were filled with gingerbread kits and holiday crafts, and there was even Christmas music playing over the loudspeaker.  The holidays are definitely upon us…and secretly I can’t wait! If you’ve … Continue reading “I Am Thankful For. . .”

Introducing PassaGram

If you’ve become familiar with your Photofy app, you’ve probably noticed the passaGram sharing option on the SHARE page of our app.  The passaGram has to be one of my favorite features available for sharing…but what exactly is a passaGram?  A passaGram is a modern e-card that allows you to share your Photofy art with … Continue reading “Introducing PassaGram”

First Time Photofy Tutorial

One of the best features of Photofy is that it lets you look like a professional without having a professional camera, high-grade photo lens or the perfect lighting.  With just a few clicks, you can transform your everyday photos into mini works of art and then share them with friends, family and your social media … Continue reading “First Time Photofy Tutorial”

Welcome to Photofy

Have you browsed through your Facebook feed and felt totally envious when you saw a friend’s photo?  It’s a picture of her sons fishing with the words, “Brotherly Love” over the top and you can’t help think…why don’t my pictures look like that?  You try creating your own photo masterpiece, spending an hour in Photoshop … Continue reading “Welcome to Photofy”

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