Happy New Year ~ A 2014 Bucket List

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you had a magical evening as you celebrated the new year ahead!  Today is the first day of a fresh start, a brand new beginning and a bright look ahead.  Take a moment today to browse all of our fun, festive and fresh 2014 New Year’s celebration photo enhancing stickers, just like the one below!   You’ll see fun stickers featuring the new year, a New Year’s Eve countdown, fireworks, champagne and more!

Celebrating New Year's

I had been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions lately, when one of my friends told me that she was creating a 2014 bucket list instead of the traditional yearly resolutions that aren’t followed.  Instead of having the possibility for failed promises surrounded by guilt, she made a list of all of the things she’d like to do in the coming year.  Each time she completes one of the items on her bucket list, she knows she’ll have the gratification of crossing it off her list.  When I asked to see her list, I found that it wasn’t filled with daily goals, but instead focused on positive actions to improve her life and others.

What would you put on your bucket list?  I did some research to find out what the most popular and unique bucket list items were…get ready to get inspired!

365 Day Photo Project – Great to do on a yearly basis, challenge yourself to take one photo each day of the year, and put it into a photo album.  On New Year’s Eve, take a moment to review your year by creating a slideshow with some great tunes from the year.

Run Your First Marathon – It can be a race as simple as a 5K or as complex as your first half marathon.  Just get moving and celebrate your achievements by crossing that finish line.

Find Forgiveness – Have you been holding onto a grudge for the past few weeks, months or years?  Anger isn’t healthy for you, or anyone around you.  Remember that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting…it just allows you and the other person to happily move on.

Donate Your Time – Donate your time to help others, whether you’re volunteering at a homeless shelter or for a non-profit organization.  Simply give back.

Unplug for 48 Hours – Don’t panic…this bucket list suggestion is for you to turn off your cell phone, tablet and computer for two days.  Take a weekend break from technology.  Where you’ll at first feel stress, by the end of the weekend you’ll be so glad you did!

Make Time for Family – Choose an evening out of the week for family night.  Play a board game, watch a movie, have everyone sit down for dinner, or simply take everyone out for ice cream!  The more time you spend with one another, the stronger your family will be!

Need a little help creating your 2014 bucket list?  Visit BucketList.org for some great ideas that will help you get started!

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