A Year in Review: 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, you’ll find a wide variety of people discussing the biggest fads and popular trends on a variety of platforms over the course of this year. As we mentioned in our previous post, even Pinterest hopped on board and posted their 100 most popular pins of the year! Everywhere we turn, we … Continue reading “A Year in Review: 2014”

Top 100 Trends for 2014

A few weeks ago, Pinterest released their 100 top trending pins for 2014. From gardening and travel, to recipes and various tips & tricks, it had everything you’ve come to expect (and love) about Pinterest. Something we were so excited to see, however, were all the typography and design pins that were featured! Typography and … Continue reading “Top 100 Trends for 2014”

Save for Later & Adjustable Grids

At Photofy we are constantly coming up with new aspects and developments for the app. Although these are not big announcements, we always want to draw your attention to the new features within the app that could be most useful to you and your designs! That being said, two developments have been made to the … Continue reading “Save for Later & Adjustable Grids”

Marketplace Packages

Market packages are the gift that keeps on giving! And what better time to remind you, than at the beginning of this holiday season! Have you recently purchased the Frozen package? How about Kung Fu Panda? Disney Pixar? Well did you know that this is not a one time purchase, but your own personal subscription to … Continue reading “Marketplace Packages”