Inspire Wellness with Photo Enhancements

How to: Inspire the world to fitness. Be strong. Enjoy what you do. Practice patience. Stay Positive. Teach the “how” and the “why”. Challenge yourself. Dream big. Love. Breathe. Lead. Change. Continue learning. Be kind. Show courage. Empower others. Lead by example. Try something new. Be mindful. Never give up. – IDEA Health & Fitness … Continue reading “Inspire Wellness with Photo Enhancements”

Pre-Wedding Photo Enhancements

Calling all brides-to-be – this one’s for you! It seems like this question always comes up when planning out your big day: Should the bride and groom see each other before she walks down the aisle? Tradition tells us that it’s bad luck to see your mate before you say “I do”, however the bridal … Continue reading “Pre-Wedding Photo Enhancements”

Enhance Your Foodie Pics

Can you guess what I had for dinner last night? Well, if you check my instagram, pinterest or facebook feed, there’s a good chance I’ve shared a picture of it online. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re one of the thousands of people out there who regularly share their culinary creations online daily. … Continue reading “Enhance Your Foodie Pics”

Digital Birth Announcements

One of the most exciting things about parenthood is sharing the news of your bundle of joy with family, friends and co-workers. We used to spend hundreds of dollars searching for the perfect birth announcement to send in the mail, capturing a photo and the birth details of your newborn.  However nowadays, we’ve strayed a … Continue reading “Digital Birth Announcements”

Free-Form Text Tool Tutorial

Inside the Photofy app, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of stickers to add to your favorite photos.  But what do you do when you have a special saying that you can’t find?  What if you want to enhance a photo with an inside joke that only makes sense to your BFF? What if you … Continue reading “Free-Form Text Tool Tutorial”

NEW! Professional Photo Backgrounds

One of the coolest new features released with Photofy 2.0 is the option to choose your own background from our gallery of professional photos.  There’s hundreds of photos to choose from, be it floral & trees, patriotic, food and drink, animals, cityscape or seasons.  We even have patterned backgrounds featuring all of the latest designs … Continue reading “NEW! Professional Photo Backgrounds”

It’s Finally Here…The Release of Photofy 2.0

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, fellow Photofy-ers…within the next 14 hours you’ll all be enjoying the 2.0 Photofy update – and it’s jam-packed with new features, designs and photo enhancers to make your world even more creative. Let’s be honest…we just can’t wait any longer to share it with you!  Here’s what … Continue reading “It’s Finally Here…The Release of Photofy 2.0”

Photo Enhancing Stickers

Have you ever browsed through Facebook or Instagram and stumbled up on a friend’s photo which was enhanced with a quote, word or phrase in a beautiful font and said…how in the world did they do it?  Odds are, they didn’t spend hours concocting a new font in Photoshop, like we did in the old … Continue reading “Photo Enhancing Stickers”

Show Someone They’re Loved – Valentine’s Day Photo Enhancements

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together…and I knew it,” proclaimed Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.  Love.  Isn’t it simply magical?  We’re here in the season of love, being that February 14th is Valentine’s Day, (this means you’ve got … Continue reading “Show Someone They’re Loved – Valentine’s Day Photo Enhancements”

The End of Professional Photography & The Birth of Self Expression

Never before have there been so many photos taken during a time when photography is dying.  It’s such a contradictory statement, yet it speaks utter truth. In today’s society, self-expression is so much more than words on a paper or the outfit you wear in the morning. It’s about social connection, and inviting others to … Continue reading “The End of Professional Photography & The Birth of Self Expression”

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