The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On. Chances are, you’re probably seen the “Keep Calm…” phrases on t-shirts, ad campaigns and party banners but little do most people know, Keep Calm has been around for 75 years! Sometimes we get so used to seeing these phrases, we think of them as the new “IT” thing, and don’t realize they … Continue reading “The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On”

Bookworm Photo Enhancements

When I searched for a tablet this past holiday season, my main reason was so that I could use it as an e-reader so that I could download and read books on-the-go in one convenient location. Little did I know, I’d simply use my tablet for apps, photos, youtube and internet searches, rather than reading. Sure, … Continue reading “Bookworm Photo Enhancements”

Moving Photo Enhancements

Home is where the heart is. We love to post about baby milestones and big-time life milestones, from new jobs, to a wedding, to the birth of a son or daughter. But what about other exciting milestone events that hit close to home? That’s right, we’re talking about renting your first apartment, buying your first … Continue reading “Moving Photo Enhancements”

Celebrate Spring with Photofy

Spring is here! Say goodbye to the piles and piles of snow we received this year – warm weather is on the way, (well, we hope)!! It’s time to break out the rain boots, dust off your grill, dig the bikes out from the shed and plan day trips with the kids to parks, nature … Continue reading “Celebrate Spring with Photofy”

Enhance Your Favorite Pet Photos

As I sit here and write this blog post, my cat is sitting beside me purring as loud as can be, extremely happy that I decided to work from home today. She’ll likely throw herself on my keyboard, trying to prevent me from working, or meow incessantly in a few minutes begging me for food. … Continue reading “Enhance Your Favorite Pet Photos”

Apology Photo Designs

Why is it so hard to say, “I’m sorry“? Sometimes those two little words can be what damages are most precious relationships, and often it’s those two words that we refuse to say, when we know that’s desperately what we want to hear. Saying those two words could mean the difference between a small quarrel … Continue reading “Apology Photo Designs”

Milestone Photo Designs

One of the main things from my childhood I wish I had more of is pictures. Sure, I have the classic 1 album book of pictures ranging from birth to about age 11, however 30 photos to capture an 11 year period doesn’t really do the beginning of my life any justice. There’s plenty of … Continue reading “Milestone Photo Designs”

Photo Enhancements for Friends, Family & Love

Chemistry. It’s what makes us find friends, life partners and quite frankly, fall in love, (or lust). Have you ever had the moment where you felt like you just clicked with someone? Sometimes it’s as simple as working well together on a project with a co-worker, and sometimes it’s as complex as an ex that … Continue reading “Photo Enhancements for Friends, Family & Love”

Greek Life Photo Enhancements

These letters don’t make me better than you, they make me better than I used to be. One of the most unforgettable moments I had as a college student was the moment I was finally a sister of Sigma Delta Tau, (after eight really rough weeks of pledging). I had never considered myself “the type … Continue reading “Greek Life Photo Enhancements”

Food Truck Mania

Food trucks. They’re taking the world by storm, (or North Carolina, at least)! You may have seen one in a parking lot near your work or while you were out shopping. You may have even heard about the food truck rodeos which attract gigantic crowds in search of quality and fresh vendor food. Haven’t tried … Continue reading “Food Truck Mania”

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