Nobody Cares Episode 6: Nobody cares about Influencers

John, Casey, and Mike return to discuss the alleged death of “influencers” and the impending death of humanity at the hand of AI. #nobodycares

Nobody Cares Podcast Episode 4: Nobody Cares about Google Guides

Sometimes nobody cares because nobody knows something exists at all. John and Casey are joined by Mike Fraser of Avalanche MediaWorks to talk Google Guides and local SEO.

Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency

This article, Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency, originally appeared at  If you own a hospitality or service business, chances are that you’ve encountered some negative user-generated-content (UGC) on sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor—even Facebook. Let’s face it… digital technology has enabled third parties to insert themselves in between brands and their … Continue reading “Take Back Branded Content Outsourcing and Dependency”

Nobody Cares Podcast Episode 3: Nobody cares about customer loyalty. Nobody likes TikTok.

John and Casey don’t like TikTok enough to finish a conversation about it. They dig their heels in deep on variable pricing models used by Uber and AirBnB, and discuss brands who forget who their actual customers are.

New Podcast: Nobody Cares about Oath, nobody likes Yelp, and 3rd Party data makes a comeback

Verizon takes a massive write-down on Oath, its AOL/Yahoo dud acquisition. John and Casey talk about what this means for online content, why everyone hates Yelp, and how 3rd Party Data can provide real actionable intelligence. This episode is sponsored by #IRIAudiences

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