Advertising with Photofy – Marketplace Packages

Photofy has created some unique advertising solutions for our brand partners to not only engage with our global user base, but to also target their existing customers. Let us help you expand the presence of your brand while enabling your current and prospective customers to connect, create and share branded social content leveraging one of … Continue reading “Advertising with Photofy – Marketplace Packages”

Increase Your Fan Base with Enhanced Photo Posts

Did you know that Facebook has over one billion members?  When was the last time you were able to reach hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousand customers, (or potential customers), at one time, without paying a dime?  Facebook.  We’re talking FREE advertising here, and it’s so easy. If you’re looking for a way to grow … Continue reading “Increase Your Fan Base with Enhanced Photo Posts”

Retaining Holiday Numbers Throughout the Year

In small business retail we all look forward to the profits made during the weeks leading up to the holidays; however the lull we experience after the holidays have commenced often leaves us in peril.  If only you could keep a percentage of the business level you experience during the holiday season throughout the year. … Continue reading “Retaining Holiday Numbers Throughout the Year”

Small Business Saturday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and you’ve heard of Cyber Monday.  But have you ever taken part in Small Business Saturday?  Also known as project Shop Small, this shopping holiday was created to benefit and support small business owners in America.  American Express created the holiday, which began on November 27, 2010, and encouraged shoppers … Continue reading “Small Business Saturday”

Let Photofy Enhance Your Business

About ten years ago, the extent of your company’s marketing and advertising was likely through magazine & newspaper ads, paid commercials and flyers.  You might hold an open house to increase local business and spread news of your organization by word of mouth. Today the advertising world has greatly evolved, and social media has become … Continue reading “Let Photofy Enhance Your Business”