Stuck in a funk? How Travel Fuels Creativity

Discover how to conquer creative roadblocks through adventure and passion projects.

Photofy in LA

One of the beautiful things about Photofy is that we can accompany you on all of life’s precious moments. So when our college intern Lisa told us about her upcoming trip to Los Angeles, we asked her to bring the magic of Photofy with her. Lisa is not only our intern, but also an entrepreneur herself. … Continue reading “Photofy in LA”

Summer Travel Roundup

When you’re prepping for that legendary summer vacation, you want to prepare for more than sunburn and rain. To get the most of out of your photos, make sure you’re equipped with the best summer designs Photofy has to offer, plus know the best hashtags to get the most out of your creations. As a … Continue reading “Summer Travel Roundup”

Have an Adventure in 2014

One of my favorite things to do is travel.  To be quite honest, I could travel once a month and never get tired of it!  I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, tasting new cuisines…and best of all, experiencing breathtaking new scenery!  As you begin the new year, you’ll probably be thinking about where … Continue reading “Have an Adventure in 2014”