Backgrounds Tutorial

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time for another tutorial, this week; backgrounds.

For many of you who use the app, sometimes you are looking for a little inspiration or a selection of backgrounds to choose from that you cannot locate, so I’m here to show you how!

Within the Photofy app we have a selection of 1,800 backgrounds to choose from! Once you are within the Photofy app and have selected the type of photo you wish to create, you are greeted with a screen that looks like this:


Select the ‘Backgrounds’ tab, and you come to a screen that looks like the one below, which as you will see is very similar to the other menu tabs. The background tab contains categories much like the ‘designs’ and ‘stickers’ sections.


The great thing about the background tab is that you are able to choose from a range of highly designed backgrounds, and a range of photographs that are from our featured partners.


Scroll through the left hand side tab to get categories such as ‘Architecture’, ‘Patterns’, ‘Sports & Hobbies’ and many more. We hope this has helped you to explore the wide range of backgrounds we have to offer! Happy designing!