Save for Later & Adjustable Grids

At Photofy we are constantly coming up with new aspects and developments for the app. Although these are not big announcements, we always want to draw your attention to the new features within the app that could be most useful to you and your designs!

That being said, two developments have been made to the app that we think you, our lovely users, will love! These are the ‘Save for later’ project tool and adjustable grids for collage.

Save For Later

The save for later addition is a great new tool that allows you to save multiple projects at a time in the app. If you are mid way through a design and need to come back to it at a later date, click the ‘Save For Later’ icon in the top left hand corner.

IMG_0595  IMG_0596

As the pop up icon says, you can now locate your saved projects at any time in the right hand menu. Even if you need to quit out of the app and return days later, your projects will be ready and waiting in the your Saved Projects tab! This can be accessed from the home screen.

IMG_0599  IMG_0600


Adjustable Grids for Collage

This exciting new feature has been one of our most requested updated features, and we are so happy it’s finally here!

Within the collage section of the app, you can now adjust the grids with just a simple swipe. If you are not entirely happy with the set sections that come with the grid you chose, these can be adjusted by tapping on the grid and using the direction arrows to slide your grid in the preferred direction.

IMG_0597  IMG_0603

We hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, please comment below with any questions or queries!

Happy creating!

Your Photofy Team.