Thanksgiving Photo Enhancing Stickers

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite time of year. Maybe it’s the turkey that I’ll eat way too much of, maybe it’s the caramel apples I’ll make with Grandma in the morning or maybe it’s simply the joy of spending time with family during this bountiful fall season.  I feel like I have so many things to be thankful for this year, don’t you?

In light of this thankful season, and our new “I am thankful for” contest and photo enhancing stickers, I wanted to share this beautiful idea to add a little meaning behind your Thanksgiving dinner.  It comes to us from Silverbox Creative Studio’s blog, and showcases your thankful message in gorgeous typography and patterns, printed on simple paper rings.  You can string them together, hang them on an indoor tree, create beautiful garland around the table or even use them as napkin rings.  Create them before your family arrives, or ask each family member to make their own and then attach it to the previous ring to create a chain.

After dinner you can go around the table reading the rings and sharing in the day’s blessings.  I love this craft idea because it’s simple, elegant and fun for adults and kids.  By clicking the Silverbox link above, you’ll be able to download printables to try this crafty idea yourself!

Thanksgiving Ideas

So before you sit down to watch football with an over-stuffed tummy and the dread of cleaning dishes in the back of your mind, remind yourself not to let the little things  take you away from the beauty of Thanksgiving this year.  Take a moment and look around you.  You’ll see just how much you have to be thankful for.

Make sure you capture your favorite Thanksgiving moments with photos, and enhance them to commemorate the joyous day with family & friends.  Below you’ll see a small preview of our Thanksgiving photo enhancing stickers to make your turkey day pictures special.  From elegant, (“Give thanks”) to downright funny, (“Bird. It’s what’s for dinner”), we’ll help you capture each precious Thanksgiving moment.  Don’t forget about our “I am thankful for” contest!  Each time you choose one of our thankful stickers, you’ll be entered to win one of five $100 gift cards.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanksgiving Photo Stickers