Prepare Yourself for Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is one of those “holidays” that you either love or hate, (or maybe it’s love to hate and hate to love).  To be honest, just about any other day of the year I can’t stand waiting in lines or shop in retail stores during the holiday season – but Black Friday is the one exception I make each holiday season to wake up at three o’clock in the morning, drink a Starbucks coffee & spend a ridiculous amount of money while joining the crowds.

My yearly Black Friday tradition began about six years ago, when I was in desperate need of a new PC.  At 9 PM on Thanksgiving night, after finishing dinner and putting away the dishes, I set out to Best Buy with two of my cousins, some folding chairs and some blankets, in hopes to grab one of their $200 PC deals.  To my surprise, I was about the 100th person with that very same idea.  We sat on the sidewalk for about six hours that night, eating leftover pie from Thanksgiving and sipping on coffee.  We quickly made friends with our “line neighbors” and sang Christmas carols with everyone around us.

At about 3 AM Best Buy handed out vouchers for their 30 PC’s and other various merchandise, and they had run out by the time they got to me. I felt defeated as I walked to the parking lot, however I had to admit, my evening was really fun.  When I reached my car, a woman walked up to me and asked, “Weren’t you waiting for the PC sale?”  When I told her I was, she handed me the voucher and said, “Merry Christmas!” and then quickly walked off.  My Black Friday experience was a surprising success, and a very kind and generous woman truly made my night, or morning, as it was.  But even if I didn’t get the voucher for the PC I so desperately wanted, I knew I had a great evening with family making new friends, laughing and creating the kick-start to my holiday season.

If you’re like I am, and you are a brave Black Friday shopper, Photofy has a treat for you this week!  We’ve just debuted all new Black Friday photo enhancing stickers, just in time for Friday’s shopaholic “holiday”.  Featuring phrases like, “Black Friday Sale”, “Black Friday waits for no one”, “Black Friday Blow Out” and “I Survived Black Friday”.

If you’re a business looking to amp-up Black Friday sales, there’s Black Friday photo enhancing stickers featuring phrases like, “Black Friday Sale”, “Black Friday Doorbusters” and “Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Deals”.  They’re great for pre-Black Friday facebook ads for existing and potential customers.

black friday stickers

So when you’re out shopping this Black Friday, take a few snapshots to share with your friends and family.  Show us the best sale you took advantage of, the 2-hour line you waited in and how you stayed awake while waiting in line.  It’s the kick-start to the holiday season…let Photofy enhance it for you!