Sugary Sweet Holiday Treats

Nothing says the holidays more than a festive sugary sweet treat.  Each year, I try to find something new and exciting to add to our Christmas dessert table, whether it’s homemade peppermint candy cane bark or my ever-famous Santa’s Whiskers cookies.  This year I wanted to do something a little bit different, and while browsing on Pinterest, (my second favorite photo site/app), I found the perfect idea for a festive holiday treat decorated with holiday tradition…Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

The idea and recipe comes to us from Just a Taste, a flavor-filled blog of fun ideas, recipes and cooking inspirations.  I think what appeals to me so much about this cullinary creation is that it doesn’t look like your average cupcake, and it gives off a traditional holiday feel.

Christmas Tree CupcakesThough this fun treat looks pretty intense, it’s actually quite easy to make!  Simply make chocolate cupcakes, (yes, boxed is OK and nobody will know), and top with a medium layer of fluffy white icing.  If you are using store-bought icing, using whipped icing will give you more of a snowy white look.  The tree trunk is actually made of a sugar ice cream cone tipped upside down!  Simply hold your cone and spread with green frosting, before carefully placing it upside down on the cupcake.  The trickiest part is creating the tree branches, which is made with green frosting and a star tip.  It is my humble opinion that I get so many compliments on the cupcakes I use due to the frosting tips that make my cupcakes look so professional.

Baking How-To

Take your star tip and begin going around the base to make your branches, traveling up the cone.  When you are done, (and before the frosting dries), top with round sprinkles, or dust with a coating of powdered sugar.  Letting your cupcake trees sit at room temperature will help dry the frosting, almost creating a candy topper!

Ready to try out this super-fun holiday recipe?  Be sure to capture each baking moment with a fun photo, and enhance the sugary goodness with one of our festive holiday photo enhancing stickers.  “Christmas Treats” is my absolute favorite – what’s yours???