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New Years is approaching, which means my long list of New Years resolutions is beginning…maybe this year I’ll even keep a few!  I feel determined this year to choose attainable resolutions, whether it’s something as simple as doing something active each day, performing kind deeds for others or paying it forward to the world.

What are your New Years resolutions for 2014?  No surprise here, losing weight is one of the most popular New Years resolutions year after year.  But how do you actually follow through on such a difficult, habit-breaking resolution?

If you’ve paid attention to trends this past year, you’ve probably noticed that a ton of your friends and family are becoming active and participating in 5Ks or mini marathons…and they’ve got the t-shirt to prove it!  It seems like there’s always a 5K being held in my neighborhood on a Saturday morning, and seeing all those people in shape, enjoying the sunshine kind of makes me want to join them!  Races are a great way to get together with other health-minded friends, and support a good cause, should the race benefit an organization or disease center.  Outside of benefit runs, you can also sign up for mud runs, color runs and even beer runs!

Thinking about making one of your New Years goals to run a marathon?  If you’re not quite comfortable getting a trainer or joining a running group just yet, you might want to try running with a spouse or friend – a running partner will help you stay accountable, and give you that extra push to go the whole way without giving up.  You might want to try a running app like Couch to 5K, which will help a non-runner work their way from walking slowly to successfully completing a 5K run.  The app even allows you to rock out to your music while using it!  If you’re a beginner, make sure you stay hydrated and stretch.  Start out slow, and be consistent…you’ll be surprised how far you will get!

Have you already hit the pavement as a marathon pro?  Share your victory photos and mid-race determination with a 5K photo ehancing sticker from the Photofy app collection.  Check out some of our favorite sporty running stickers below…

5K Photo Enhancing Stickers