Digitally Framing Your Memories

Most of our blog posts and info sharing revolves around Photofy’s photo enhancing stickers – but did you know that we have photo enhancing frames too?  Photo frames are a great way to enhance your photo, without cutting into the center image…perfect for adding something special to a portrait shot, family picture or one of your epic selfies!

Not only do we have traditional “picture frames” we also feature fun borders and border text frames to enhance your photo.  Choose a holiday frame to capture some of your favorite Christmas moments, laughs with family and friends or Santa gifts.  If you’re on holiday overload, we also have regular photo frames to add a little fun to your photo.  Browse our baby photo frames, social frames and traditional photo frames.

Ready to start enhancing your photo?  You’ll be framing in just a few simple steps…

Creating & Editing a Photo Enhancing Frame

-Once you have selected a photo from your camera roll, click on any photo enhancing sticker, (don’t worry, you can delete it on the next screen).

Photo Frame Tutorial

-When you are on the photo enhancing screen, delete your photo sticker by clicking on the grey “X” button in the top left of your sticker.

Photo Frame Tutorial

-Below your photo, you will see options for Designs, Frames, Filters, Resize Photo and Caption Text.  Click on Frames.

-You can browse through our available frames, and search for additional frames by swiping through your options, just as you do with our photo enhancing stickers.

Photo Frame Tutorial

-When you click on a frame that you like, the next screen will allow you to move and resize your photo to fit within your frame.  Some frames will even allow you to change their size and color!

Photo Frame TutorialWhen you are finished, click on PREVIEW to see your masterpiece…and share!  Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email to a friend!