Super Bowl XLVIII Party Ideas

Super Bowl Sunday has to be one of my most favorite days I look forward to each year, however it always has a bit of sadness tied to it, knowing that this will be the last “football Sunday” for a very long time.  It brings a whole new meaning to #FOMOF.


So what about you?  Are you ready for some football?  Super Bowl XLVIII will be held on Sunday, February 2nd at 6:30 PM – and if you’re like me, you know it’s time to start planning for this year’s Super Bowl party!  I have made it my mission to make this year’s football party the best-ever…which means I’ll be needing a little help from the Pinterest Gods to get me started!

I typically do the typical game-day favorites…wings, veggie tray, cheese, chips & salsa…oh, and don’t forget the beer!  But this year, I think I’m going to get a little themed, fun and creative.  How about a soft pretzel station with a variety of dipping sauces?  Everything from mustard to caramel to chocolate to peanut butter.  I’ll serve up mini cheeseburgers with a selection of toppings…the perfect 3-4 bite snack.  As much as I love game-day wings, they are really hard to eat on the couch, (and they’re even harder to get out of the carpet)!  I think I’m going to switch things up this year with a popcorn chicken…guests can choose their own sauces.

Pretzel Station


Bring the Stadium Home
For my decor, I’m thinking I’ll turn my table into a football field with astro turf-inspired material, with hues of green and white.  My utensils, (napkins, cups, plates, etc.), will be colored to match the fighting teams.  I saw a really great idea for coffee cans which hold your utensils.  Simply paint the outside brown with white lines in the center, and it’s instantly football themed.  I’ll also be brightening up the room with football lanterns I found, from Oriental Trading Company.

astro turf table


The Game
I’ve heard the term “football widow” tossed around facebook, and while I definitely don’t fall into that group, I have so many friends that do!  If you have guests who are football-clueless, or well, maybe football-bored, you’ve got to do something to get everyone into the game.  My favorite is football bingo, which is passed out to each guest as they arrive.  You can download a board online, or create your own!  Make spaces for the first touchdown, first time out, first player injured, safety points, and so on!  Not into the football themed bingo?  Make bingo for the commercials!  Make sure you have a few prizes for the winners!  This is such a great way to get everyone into the game!

Printable Bingo Cards


Do I have you in the football spirit yet?  Make sure you have your phone cameras ready for the big Sunday ahead!  We’ll have plenty of football themed photo enhancers to help you compliment your touchdown of a Super Bowl party!