Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Guess what’s less than one month away?  If you’ve stepped foot in a card store or drug store lately, you know what’s right around the corner.  It’s Valentine’s Day!  It’s the day that most men dread, and most single women despise.  Admittedly, I do feel that Valentine’s Day is one of those ridiculous Hallmark holidays, made to force couples into giving gifts and leave single people feeling lonely and depressed.  However, I still wear red on V-Day, and I will never turn down a dozen red roses from my other half.

Though Valentine’s Day is not an all-time favorite holiday of mine, I still get excited when seeing the heart shaped decor line the shelves at the store.  This year, I decided to do things a little bit different, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party.  I have never hosted a Valentine’s Day party before, however since I am co-hosting a baby shower for a family member whose baby is due on February 14th, I am going to make it a Valentine’s Day themed baby shower tea.  I couldn’t think of a baby shower theme more fitting – after all, Valentine’s Day and babies are all about love!

After scouring Pinterest for the perfect Valentine’s Day party ideas, I put together an amazing board of party inspiration.  It truly is one of the cutest party ideas I’ve seen.  Think mini tea sandwiches on tall trays, heart paper banners, doilies under mason jars, pink and red cake pops, paper lanterns and a chalkboard reading “A Baby is Brewing”.

Valentine's Day Baby Shower Ideas


If there’s one thing I know about parties, it’s that we’ll be taking a ton of pictures to capture the celebration.  Just in time for the upcoming holiday, Photofy is featuring brand new Valentine’s Day photo enhancing stickers.  Use them to enhance your Valentine’s Day pictures, send someone you love a surprise Valentine’s Day photo during the day, or simply capture a fun moment on this loving holiday.

Below you’ll see a sneak peek at our favorite Valentine’s Day photo enhancing stickers.

Valentine's Day Photo Enhancing Stickers Valentine's Day Photo Enhancing Stickers Valentine's Day Photo Enhancing Stickers Valentine's Day Photo Enhancing Stickers

You’ll find the above stickers and more using our Photofy App under “What’s New”, or simply search for Valentine’s Day after uploading a photo.  Post your newly enhanced Valentine’s Day pics to facebook, instagram, or email/text them to those you love!