Increase Your Fan Base with Enhanced Photo Posts

Did you know that Facebook has over one billion members?  When was the last time you were able to reach hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousand customers, (or potential customers), at one time, without paying a dime?  Facebook.  We’re talking FREE advertising here, and it’s so easy.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and spread knowledge of your business, you can do so in a few quick posts to your facebook wall.  Begin promoting your facebook page inside your store, (or on the homepage of your online store).  Entice your customers to like your business facebook page, and in-turn, offer them exclusive discounts, insights on upcoming sales and trending new products.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your fan base grows…and the higher your fan base, the higher your sales.  It’s a simple equation.

Not convinced?  Well, have you ever seen those facebook posts in your feed which show a picture of a kid holding a sign, trying to see how fast they can reach 100,000 likes?  That’s how quick information travels over social media…great if we’re talking sales, scary if we’re talking personal info, right?  Watch how fast your facebook posts spread, share and are liked.

Ready to give it a try?  One of the best facebook tips I ever received was to learn how to engage with your followers.  First consider your audience…are you speaking to moms, teenagers, golf enthusiasts or I don’t know, people who like music?  Find out what your followers are interested in, and use that to your advantage.  Your posts can be simple advertising, weekend craft ideas, inspirational quotes, holiday messages or exclusive sales.  Remember not to get too advertise-crazed, and don’t post more than 1-2 messages per day.  Nobody wants to see their facebook feed covered in ads, and you’re trying to gain followers, not lose them.

At Photofy, our photo enhancing app makes it easy for you to connect with your facebook followers using your own stock or store photos and simple enhancements.  If you’re doing a sale post today, take a photo of your sale display and add one of our percent off photo stickers to enhance your sale.  If you’re a travel agency, feature one of your best vacation spot photos and add a beach sticker or photo frame to add a little island flare.  We even offer photo filters to ensure you put your best photo forward.

photofy sale photo stickers

Once you get used to doing everyday facebook posts, you can even try facebook advertising if you want to increase your fan base further.  Simply upload a photofy enhanced photo, add a catchy tagline for your post, choose who your ad will target and set the maximum amount you want to spend on your ad.  Try a few different photos or taglines for your ad and watch for trends.  You never know how far your business will go…and it all begins with one enhanced photo and one small post.