Photo Enhancing Stickers

Have you ever browsed through Facebook or Instagram and stumbled up on a friend’s photo which was enhanced with a quote, word or phrase in a beautiful font and said…how in the world did they do it?  Odds are, they didn’t spend hours concocting a new font in Photoshop, like we did in the old days.  That’s right, they probably used their Photofy app!

Best Friends Photo Enhancement

Thinking it might be too hard for you to use?  Think again!  Stickers are a super-easy way for you to express yourself in your photos after only a few finger swipes and button pushes.  They allow you to look like a professional graphic designer without even taking a class.  To use a photo sticker, you simply select your photo, crop (if needed), and then browse our designer gallery.  You can immediately search our most popular designs or browse by category or search for a specific sticker or genre.

browse categories for photo enhancing stickers

Thousands of stickers are uploaded into our app, giving you access to pretty much anything you can imagine.  Our most popular sticker categories are birth announcements and baby showers, wedding events (engagement to honeymoon), fitness, holidays and friendship.  We even have corporate stickers to help our business clients create quick and easy social posts, advertisements and gallery photos.

browse for photo enhancing stickers

Once you have chosen a sticker, you can quickly and easily move the sticker to the appropriate location over your photo, or resize it if it’s too big or too small.  Some stickers even allow you to alter the color of the text!

In our global update, coming within the next 1-2 days, you’ll be able to combine your stickers with fun icon enhancements from flowers to hearts to bugs, stars and more.  This is one of the most exciting features on the new update, as it allows you to further personalize your favorite photo stickers – making them truly your own artistic creation!

Don’t miss out on our global update of Photofy 2.0, set to release this week!  Click to download Photofy for Android, or to download Photofy for iPhone.