NEW! Professional Photo Backgrounds

One of the coolest new features released with Photofy 2.0 is the option to choose your own background from our gallery of professional photos.  There’s hundreds of photos to choose from, be it floral & trees, patriotic, food and drink, animals, cityscape or seasons.  We even have patterned backgrounds featuring all of the latest designs and hues from polka dots to stripes, diamond patterns or chevron.

photofy background feature

Why would you want to use one of our professional backgrounds, you ask?  It’s simple, sometimes we want to express a feeling, message or belief in ways other than what our cell phone captures.  Our professional photos allow you to explore and share the world without having to worry about the perfect camera settings – our photographers have done that for you.  They’re great for our corporate customers too, as you can easily create eye-catching social media photo posts to engage your fans, ads and even sales promos.

Once you’ve chosen a professional photo or patterned background, you can easily add text, stickers or icons to your photo to further your creativity.

Below you’ll see how easy it is to turn one of our professional photos into your very own work of art.

Step One
After selecting a category, (we selected Food & Drinks), choose your professional photo by simply clicking on the photo you’d like to use.  You will then see the edit screen.

Background Gallery

Step Two
Click on “Designs” to review our gallery of fun phrases, words, sentences and typography.  Let your words compliment your photo.  For this example, we are helping a pizza shop promote their always-fresh ingredients, so we’ll be using the food & drinks category, and food sub category.
Design Categories

Step Three
Browse until you find the perfect text design for your sticker and click on the design.  On the next screen, you will have the chance to resize or change the color of your text.  You can even move the location of the text over your background.

Step Four
Click on stickers to further personalize your photo background.  In this case, we are looking for a fresh veggie to add to the corner of our typography.

Designs and Stickers

Step Five
Choose your category and click on your favorite sticker.

Sticker Tutorial

Step Six
Don’t panic if your sticker enhancement is too big or in the wrong spot!  Simply drag your sticker to the desired location and pinch the sticker to make it smaller, or make a V with your fingers to make it large – just like you do when you zoom in or out of a photo.  You can even tilt the sticker if needed.

Step Seven
Share! Get ready to save your photo and share it with your friends, clients, family…anyone you’d like!

Photofy Professional Background

Remember that you can use our backgrounds and patterns for anything you desire – from enhancing quotes to celebrating seasons, holidays or birthdays with an inspirational message. Get creative and inspire someone today!