Free-Form Text Tool Tutorial

Inside the Photofy app, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of stickers to add to your favorite photos.  But what do you do when you have a special saying that you can’t find?  What if you want to enhance a photo with an inside joke that only makes sense to your BFF? What if you want to customize a particular saying with your own fonts and colors?

We’ve got the answer, and it comes to you from our free-form text tool…and it’s so simple to use!

photofy free-form text tool

The next time you upload a photo, click on the “TEXT” icon at the bottom right of your screen. Double tap the blue button, which will take you to the free-form text entry screen.

free form text tool

Click on the screen and begin typing in your desired text.  Feel free to click on the enter button to create multiple lines of text. When finished, click DONE.

 Special Note: You can even add multiple layers of text, in different fonts, colors & styles.

type whatever text you like

Just as you would resize a photo, use your fingers to pinch your text smaller or push your text larger. You can also drag your text to the appropriate place on the screen. To change the font, click on the “Change Font” icon at the bottom right of your screen. A black bar will appear, allowing you to scroll through a plethora of font styles. Keep browsing until you find the perfect font, and then finally, click your photo to make the black bar disappear.

choose a font

By clicking in the bottom right corner of your photo, on the “Edit Text” icon, you will come to the below screen, which will allow you to edit the transparency, leading, rotation, shadow and tracking of your text. Here’s the breakdown:

Transparency – Transparency is how full or opaque your text is.  The farther to the left you slide the bar, the lighter and more see-through your text will be.

Leading – If you have multiple lines of text, leading will increase the distance between each line of text.

Rotation – Feel like getting a little funky? Rotation will allow you to flip your text, make it diagonal – whatever you wish – it’s 365 degrees of rotation.

Shadow – The shadow feature can really make your text stand out by adding a slight to deep shadow behind each letter.

Tracking – Tracking adjusts how close or far apart each letter is in a word. The further you go to the right, the further apart your letters will appear.

alter tracking transparency leading

At the bottom of your “Edit Text” screen, you can select “COLORS”. This will allow you to edit the text color, shadow color and stroke color (outline color) of your text. Try a few color combinations and see what style you like best…or combine multiple styles for a truly unique look.

change your text color

When you’re finished, you’ve got a one-of-a-kind custom typography creation that YOU made – and you didn’t need Photoshop or a special design degree to do it.  Don’t you feel impressed?  Be sure to share it with the world!