Digital Birth Announcements

One of the most exciting things about parenthood is sharing the news of your bundle of joy with family, friends and co-workers. We used to spend hundreds of dollars searching for the perfect birth announcement to send in the mail, capturing a photo and the birth details of your newborn.  However nowadays, we’ve strayed a bit from the traditional paper announcement. Maybe it’s because we’re too busy, maybe it’s because our newborn is joining a family who already has kids and we’re up to our eyeballs until bedtime each night, or maybe it’s that sharing your good news socially allows you to reach ALL of your friends and family members, including some of the friends and family you may not be in contact with each day.

Even though technology and society are moving us to more of a digital world, we know how important to share special moments with your family and friends…and Photofy makes it extremely easy with our designs, stickers and text options.

Below you’ll see just a small glimpse of how you can make your own digital birth announcements to share with friends…

digital birth announcements

To make your own birth announcement, you’ll of course want to start with an adorable photo of your baby boy or girl. Feel free to use a professional photo or one of your own, (admit it, you have hundreds, if not thousands already)! It’s usually best to choose a photo that has a large background where baby is the focal point.  This will allow you more room to add your baby’s name, birth details and your names, if you want.

Photo text optionsAfter you’ve chosen, uploaded, cropped and sized your photo, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from.

CROP – allows you to adjust the size of your photo.

EFFECTS – allows you to alter the saturation, hue or lighting affect of your photo, (think photoshop pro).

DESIGNS – allows you to add pre-set wording and typography to your photo.

STICKERS – allows you access to hundreds of icons for baby

FRAMES – allows you to add an adorable frame to edge your photo.

TEXT is the option I chose for this digital birth announcement, as it allows me to choose my own wording, AND  add multiple lines of text in different fonts, colors and sizes.

Remember that you also have the option to choose a square, portrait (vertical), or landscape (horizontal) photo. This is a new Photofy 2.0 feature, which will help you choose the best orientation for the photo you chose. You can also rotate your photo, in case it is uploaded on its side, or upside down.

Screenshot_2014-02-22-19-33-27When clicking on TEXT, you’ll have the option to enter whatever text you desire. Here, I entered our son’s name, Tyler, and chose a scripted font to highlight his name.

By clicking on “Edit Text” I was able to resize my text, and I was also given the option to add a shadow, which will make the text pop out from the grey background of the photo.

If you want to add more lines of text, (in alternate fonts), simply click on the plus (+) button next to Text 1. This will prompt you to create your second text box.

I chose to add the baby’s birth date and weight below the photo. In true typographical style, I chose a block font to offset the scripted font I chose for the baby’s name.

Special tip: When choosing two different font styles, never choose similar fonts. You always want to make sure your fonts are contrasting…in other words pairing scripted fonts with block fonts, as shown in the below screenshot.

Screenshot_2014-02-22-19-35-21If at any time you want to edit the alternate text box, simply click on TEXT 1 or TEXT 2, which will switch your editing screen.

Remember to allow yourself to get creative. Try adding a shadow, changing your transparency (brightness/opacity of text), or playing with the tracking, (how far apart your text is). You can even go into our pre-made stickers and choose a baby icon to add to your text or photo…rattles, bottles, trains, toys – you name it! You never know what you might come up with.

As you finish your Photofy digital birth announcement,  remember to share it on your favorite social networks. We encourage sharing photos  quickly and easily through our app.

You might even want to print the photo out and have it framed or put into your child’s baby book.