Enhance Your Foodie Pics


Can you guess what I had for dinner last night? Well, if you check my instagram, pinterest or facebook feed, there’s a good chance I’ve shared a picture of it online. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re one of the thousands of people out there who regularly share their culinary creations online daily. I have to admit, I was quite surprised at the overwhelming large number of pro/against food pic articles, facebook groups and websites there are out there – Can there really be this much controversy over food?

It seems like the unstated “social rules” on food selfies is that if it’s an extraordinary meal at a fancy restaurant, or if it goes along with a recipe you’re posting – go for it. There’s also great feedback on posting pics of a favorite brew, cocktail or sweet treat you’ve been baking. However, if it’s the Bojangles biscuit that you ate for breakfast…put the camera down and just eat your lunch.

At Photofy we have no judgement. In fact, we love seeing all of your foodie pics. That’s why we’ve jam-packed our designs, stickers, backgrounds and borders with delicious food phrases, words, icons and inspiration. Because if you can’t enjoy your food, what’s the point of eating it?? (Okay, outside of nourishment, of course).

Designs & Stickers – This fun sushi pic is accented by one of our sushi typography designs, along with a cute little sushi sticker in the right corner of the text. I combined the two elements to make my own custom photo sticker design!

photofy designs and stickers

Designs – Inside our food & drinks category, you’ll find a plethora of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink stickers and designs. We chose a classic I love beer sticker for this awesome beer flight pic.

photofy designs

Designs – Perfect for the “I don’t do kitchens, I grill” person, our summer and grill themed stickers are sizzling hot. I love the typography and etched look of this photo typography.

photofy text designs

Text – If you can’t find the perfect sticker or design for your photo, try creating your own! We created this “Life’s too short” typography design using our text feature, which allowed us to choose a font, font color and font shadow to create a fun eye-popping pic. The delicious dessert in the background is certainly an added bonus.

photofy custom text tool

If you’re getting hungry looking at all these food photo enhancements, you’re not the only one! Get creative, and share your main dish with your family and friends. It’s much more fun to share food, than to eat alone.