NEW Patterned Backgrounds

Chevron stripes, patterned hearts, polka dots, vertical stripes, damask print and more! Did you know that Photofy offers patterned backgrounds in addition to all of our photo enhancing designs and stickers? You can create your own birthday messages, inspirational quotes, social posts for business, digital party banners, and more! When you finish your text and pattern creation, you can save your design and use it for whatever you like – even print it!

Simply click on the “Choose Background” option from the Photofy home screen, and then browse to “Patterns” to see all of the fun options we have.

fun patterned backgrounds


Once you choose a pattern, use the design, stickers and text tools to create your own custom and unique design. We made the below  pattern enhanced with a text design and an iconic nautical sticker to create a facebook baby gender announcement for an expecting mommy-to-be who just found out she is having a boy…

photofy patterns

You can also make birthday messages, which are great for Instagram, creating your own cards, sending a passagram, an e-card or printing a sign for a birthday party. We took a heart patterned background and decorated it with a 2nd birthday pre-set sticker, and used our free-form text tool to add Kaylee’s name. Finish it up with a cupcake sticker, slightly rotated and resized, and you’ve got the most adorable enhanced birthday message

photofy birthday patterns

Remember that we also offer more generic and trendy patterns, which are great for inspirational messages or corporate themed social media messages. We turned this chalkboard pattern into an icon for a Sunday School banner, featuring one of our favorite equations, God = Love.

religious patterned photo ehancements

For all of our corporate Photofy users, remember that users are much more likely to read, respond and share a social message that has text embedded inside the image, rather than separate from it. Try to create your own social post using one of our fun patterns or pre-made backgrounds the next time you run a sale or communicate with your fans.

It’s time to get creative! See what you can create with our new patterned backgrounds. Remember that you can get as unique as possible by adding stickers, designs, frames and free-form text to your background – the sky is the limit!