Get Creative! (We Wined & Designed)

One of the things I love about my smartphone is that I always have my camera at my fingertips, allowing me to capture some of the most fun moments on film. Tonight I took a class at Artistic Abandon in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I wined & designed with friends, and brought home a pretty amazing picture, if I do say so myself.

Get in touch with your artistic side

Artistic Abandon offers one-night painting classes where they show you exactly how to make a professional painting, like the one I did above, (in 2 hours). Best of all, you can do it with a glass of wine in-hand. We were encouraged to bring fun snacks like cheese, crackers and chocolate to share. When signing up for the class, there was a preview online to choose which day (and painting) we wanted to attend. I chose the African elephant.

Upon arrival, we were given smocks, paint, brushes and a white canvas with a slight outline of our project.

Beginning with Canvas

Step-by-step, the instructor guides you into painting short lines, swirls and cloud-like features, until you realize you have just created a sunset with little to no painting experience.

Artistic Abandon Painting

The last piece to our painting was adding a free-hand tree, grass brush strokes and a beautiful elephant, (which, thank gosh, was traced on the canvas).

Artistic Creations using Photo Enhancements

At the end of the class, we all took turns showing off our paintings to each other, and the class. Artistic Abandon photographs each class and posts it on their website and facebook page, for all to see.

Inspired Photo Enhancement

To capture the beauty of our paintings, I created the first Photofy photo enhancement with our free-form text tool, which allowed me to add two separate text boxes with alternate fonts. Remember, if we don’t have the exact sticker or design you are looking for, you can create it yourself! I got creative tonight at my wine and design class, and then took my inspiration home with my text photo enhancements, reading “Artistic Abandon” and “(wined & designed)”.

To capture a fun moment showing off my friend’s painting, I changed the background of my photo to a greyscale hue using our effects photo enhancement tool. Using our design feature, I was able to add “inspired” in beautiful white typography. This was a pre-set design, thus it allowed me to quickly add the text design, slightly adjust the sizing, save & share.

The next time you begin a totally amazing project, or spend a fun night out with your besties, capture the moment! We’d love to see how you spend your days, and how you enhance your photo sharing with our Photofy design and sticker creations.