Food Truck Mania

Food trucks. They’re taking the world by storm, (or North Carolina, at least)! You may have seen one in a parking lot near your work or while you were out shopping. You may have even heard about the food truck rodeos which attract gigantic crowds in search of quality and fresh vendor food. Haven’t tried one yet? You’re missing out!

If you’ve never heard of a food truck, we’ll break it down for you. A food truck is a mobile vehicle, (typically a large food-themed truck), that has been transformed into a movable kitchen selling street food! Extremely trendy, these food trucks sell everything from pizza and burgers to sandwiches, crepes, cheesesteaks, grilled cheese and authentic cuisine. There’s even dessert themed food trucks that sell cupcakes or ice cream! One of the best things about these food trucks is that everything is always fresh, hot and made to order. Most vendors use local foods, too!

american meltdown food truck

Food trucks typically change their location each day, so that you can have your pick of which type of food truck to attend. Most food trucks post their daily location on their websites, so that you can see exactly where they’ll be each day, and check out their menu.

Shocking fact for the day? There’s over three million food trucks that drive around the US! With so much popularity, I thought it might be perfectly fitting to share with you some of our favorite food photo enhancements, since we’ve all become such street food fanatics recently! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Raleigh food trucks below, and enhanced each pic with a fun design or sticker from our food categories.

American Meltdown – A fan of the cheeses? American Meltdown takes the world’s best cheeses and mixes them with fun meat, veggie and bread combinations to make some of the world’s best grilled cheeses, (in my opinion). My favorite? The beer & bacon melt.

We enhanced this photo with an “ooey gooey” scripted design from our Food Expressions design category.

Food Photo Designs

Parlet Vous Crepes – Crepe fanatic? Us too! This vendor doesn’t just offer the typical crepe. You can get your crepes filled with chicken, meat, veggies OR fruits and chocolate. If you’re in the mood for a taste bud party, we highly recommend this truck.

We enhanced this fun food truck photo with a pre-made food themed design, and changed the color to pink to coordinate with this trucks color scheme.

Custom food themed Photo Enhancements

Not Just Icing – Got a sweet tooth? If you’re in the mood for a sweet retreat, this truck has exactly what you’re looking for! Choose from cupcakes galore that change daily, and with the season. They even let you just buy the icing, if that’s your fancy!

This delicious photo was created using our free-form text tool, using a scripted and enlarged font. We even added a fun cupcake photo sticker to the side.

Food Photo Stickers & Designs

Looking for a food truck in Raleigh? Check out Raleigh’s Food Truck Rodeo, and find out which food truck is your fave – just remember, the rodeos tend to get really crowded, so be sure to allow yourself a few hours to eat! Don’t forget to take pics and support your local businesses!