Milestone Photo Designs

One of the main things from my childhood I wish I had more of is pictures. Sure, I have the classic 1 album book of pictures ranging from birth to about age 11, however 30 photos to capture an 11 year period doesn’t really do the beginning of my life any justice.

There’s plenty of opinions going around about our photo and selfie-crazed society, however 10-20 years from now, won’t we all be thrilled to look back on old times and memories from our youth? A photo can instantly help you relive special moments, time and time again.

At Photofy, we are always excited to see the photos you capture, and when we discover a new photo trend, we can’t wait to help you carry out that trend, and share it with others!

It begins at pregnancy, when we slowly watch that baby bump change from a flat belly into a round belly that prevents us from seeing our swollen pregnancy feet. With Photofy’s pregnancy designs, you can weekly or monthly photograph your baby bump and show how much your baby (and you) grow from photo to photo. Simply add the baby maternity photo design that matches your week or month of pregnancy and share! In a few years, you’ll have an amazing timeline of photos to look back on, and memories of just how big your baby bump was. Your close friends (and of course, your mom) will also love to see how much your bump grows from week to week.

baby maternity design baby maternity designs

When your child is born, you can continue the timeline photo trend by taking monthly photos of your child. Your child grows so much during the first year of their life, and it’s amazing to catch and document that on film. After you have each photo, choose a birthday category and pattern that suits your son or daughter’s personality or style. Use the same sticker pattern each month or year or change it up as your child’s personality evolves. Continue this trend on each birthday your child celebrates, and when your child turns 18, they’ll will have an amazing album to take with them as they step out onto their own.

kid milestone designs

kid birthday designs

birthday designs

One of my friends has done this trend since her daughter was born. Each month of her baby’s first year, she took a photo of her daughter sitting on a small white rocking chair. As the months went by, the chair obviously stayed the same, but you quickly and easily saw how much her child was growing.

Looking for other cool photo ideas? Check out this amazing video a parent made of their daughter, with simply a photo a day. How will you capture your child’s special moments?