Enhance Your Favorite Pet Photos

As I sit here and write this blog post, my cat is sitting beside me purring as loud as can be, extremely happy that I decided to work from home today. She’ll likely throw herself on my keyboard, trying to prevent me from working, or meow incessantly in a few minutes begging me for food. I have to admit that she is my favorite pet and I’m quite obsessed with her…and I totally don’t mind.

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Let’s face it, our pets are a vital part of our lives, and are truly members of our families. If you’re not a pet person, you simply wouldn’t understand. If you look at your Facebook or Instagram feed, odds are you’ll see a ton of pet photos. You can even search pet hashtags to find some of the cutest pet photos out there.

Pet Selfie Photo EnhancementsWhat are the most popular pet hashtags on Instagram?

Has your pet made it to the most popular page for their breed, kind or pet hashtag? If not, we’ve got the perfect way to spruce up your pet photos, making them cuter than ever, (if that’s even possible)!!

When you upload a pet photo to Photofy, you’ll have tons of options to enhance your pet photo, whether you want to use a pre-made photo design, a pet frame to border your photo or use of our free-form text tool to create your own pet photo designs. Caturday, anyone?

Our pet designs range from phrases like, “I love my dog” to “sit”, “Our new addition”, “too cute” and “animal lover”. For those self-proclaimed pet fanatics, we have iconic pet-obsessed designs featuring “my heart belongs to my cat”, “here’s my puppy brother”, “Cat person” and “the entire cat population is my best friend”. Each pet design and pet frame is perfect for sharing a fun photo captured of your pet, announcing a new pet adoption in your family, or promoting your favorite furry friend.

Check out what you can do with our pet photo enhancements:

Pet Photo Frames – Once you upload your photo, click on the FRAMES option in the menu bar. When you select the PETS category, you’ll have the option to choose from silhouette frames, paw print borders and “good dog” accents.

Pet photo frames

Pet Photo Designs – After uploading your favorite pet photo, click on the DESIGNS category and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on “PETS” and choose your favorite design. Remember that you can change your chosen design’s transparency, size and color to work with your photo.

Custom Pet Photo Designs

Pet Photo Enhancements

Cat Photo Enhancements