Moving Photo Enhancements

Home is where the heart is. We love to post about baby milestones and big-time life milestones, from new jobs, to a wedding, to the birth of a son or daughter. But what about other exciting milestone events that hit close to home?

That’s right, we’re talking about renting your first apartment, buying your first house or finally closing on your dream home. No matter what stage of life you’re in, be it moving out on your own, heading across the country or simply  moving down the road, a fresh new start lies just ahead of you, and we know you can’t wait to share with your family and friends!

Our New Home Photo Stickers

Inside our photo designs, we offer an entire category just for our homeward bound users, entitled, “Home | Moving | Realtors”. Choose from a variety of typography and phrases featuring fun phrases like “Moving is Exhausting”, “Ready to get out of here” or “So Many Boxes” and classic phrases like “For Sale”, “Sold” and “It’s all Ours”. We also have milestone themed moving designs featuring, “First night in our new house”, “Last night in the old house”, “Happy closing day” or “Home sweet home”. We also have  “We’ve moved” photo designs which will help you announce to family and friends that your humble abode has changed.

New Home Owners Photo Designs

First Night in New Home Stickers

Need a little photo inspiration? Below you’ll find a few great ideas of pictures to take, (and later enhance), when you’re on-the-move…

  • Capture a panoramic shot of your new home and yard
  • Have a neighbor take a family of you and your family posing on your new front porch
  • For those who built their house, share an album of photos showing a timeline from start to finish
  • For the couple who has just purchased their first home, have someone take a picture of a sweet kiss on your front porch
  • Feeling funny? Capture an exhausted photo of you and your family surrounded by boxes
  • Give a virtual tour of your new apartment, snapping a photo of each newly designed room

Don’t forget, our moving photo designs work great for corporate use, too! Choose from “Moving Out”, “There’s no place like home”, “My newest homeowner” or “Open House”. Realtors will love the fresh options that will help their facebook and instagram ads pop out and be shared. It’s great for spreading the word about upcoming and new listings, open houses, newly rented facilities and relistings. Corporations and small businesses moving locations can use the designs to keep everyone posted about their new store or office locations, and show off the new space, inviting everyone to come check it out.

Open House Photo Enhancements

Realtor Photo Stickers