The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On. Chances are, you’re probably seen the “Keep Calm…” phrases on t-shirts, ad campaigns and party banners but little do most people know, Keep Calm has been around for 75 years! Sometimes we get so used to seeing these phrases, we think of them as the new “IT” thing, and don’t realize they have history.

Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational phrase on a poster proposed by the British government in 1939. It was released before World War II as an effort to raise spirits of the British public after air strikes, along with two other inspirational posters. The Keep Calm poster did not make the cut – instead the other two posters were widely spread. About 50 years later, in 2000, Keep Calm it came back into play when a book shop keeper found the original poster in a box purchased at auction, and displayed it in their shop.

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You’re likely familiar with the “Keep Calm” signs we see today, which feature colorful backgrounds, bright white typography and a small white crown. It’s been emblemized on t-shirts, coffee mugs, decorative pillows, and more. We like to think of the sign as an inspirational message from history, reminding us to take a break from our hectic lives, and simply live in the moment, the good moments, that shape our lives.

The video below gives you a brief history lesson on this epic and timeless poster phrase…

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What will your “Keep Calm” mantra be?

Keep calm and drink coffee

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