Congrats to both UConn teams!

MarchMadness_WomensLast night, the UConn women joined the men’s basketball team as national champions. The women went 40-0, after defeating the Fighting Irish, another almost perfect team. With these wins, they’ve made history by more than just winning the trophy.


This is the second time both the men and women’s teams at UConn have won the titles in the same year, exactly 10 years after they did it the first time in 2004. They are the only college basketball program to have won both titles in the same year, not to mention doing it twice. So congratulations are in order for both teams, who had great seasons, beat tough teams and have added another double-title to the history books.


It’s unfortunate though, for the Kentucky fan, Tyler Black, who is infamous for getting a “2014 National Champions UK” tattoo as his team was struggling to get into the tournament. Seemingly in time with the tattoo, the team shot to up the brackets and lost to Notre Dame in the final game, 60-54. After losing the final, Black, who had attended the title game on free tickets after the publicity of his tattoo broke, said he wasn’t going to cover up or remove the tat. “I’m keeping it, it’s a way to remember this team and it’s part of my life story,” he said.