New Designs

Each day we’re adding new content, so to keep up with all of the new stuff, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest and newest designs! Search for these in the app by their name below!

Animals: If you’ve been wanting a new puppy, we’ve got just the designs for your first pics of the little one.Pets_AnimalsMakeTheWorldGoRound

  • Adopt Don’t Buy
  • Animals Make the World Go Round
  • No One Wants to be Caged

Here’s how we made it:

1. We didn’t have any great pics of our dogs that we wanted to use so we chose a background by searching in the top bar for “dogs” and then finding this adorable guy! To make room for the graphics we cropped the image by clicking “skip” on the carousel page and then tapping the “crop” button on the edit bar and dragging the image so the dog is right aligned.

photo 13 photo 1

2. To find a graphic we searched for “pets” in that same top search bar. We loved the “animals make the world go round” graphic, and kept it white.

photo 2

3. We pinched the graphic to shrink it into the left corner.

photo 3

4. It needed something else, so we tapped “Stickers” in the edit row and searched for “stars”.

photo 4

5. We wanted the star to blend behind the graphic, so we tapped “edit stickers” and moved the transparency bar to the left. Once we were happy with it we tapped the green check.

photo 5

6. We added a second star, made it really small, changed the transparency and put it on top of the dog’s right ear.

photo 6 photo 7 photo 8

7. We added a third star in the grass, repeating the same editing steps. We love it so we click “Preview”.

photo 9 photo 10 photo 11

8. We’re ready to send, so we click “Save and Share”.

photo 12