Welcome to Photofy

Have you browsed through your Facebook feed and felt totally envious when you saw a friend’s photo?  It’s a picture of her sons fishing with the words, “Brotherly Love” over the top and you can’t help think…why don’t my pictures look like that?  You try creating your own photo masterpiece, spending an hour in Photoshop changing your photo saturation and adding text, only to realize your fonts are about 10 years out-of-date and your photo is now almost unrecognizable.

We’ll let you in on a little secret…your friend didn’t spend an hour in Photoshop creating the perfect picture.  She is using the quick, easy and sleek Photofy app – and we’re so excited to share it with you.  The creators of Photofy had you in mind when they created this one-of-a-kind photo enhancing app.  You, the avid baker turning Saturday morning baking into a small business;  you, the new mommy capturing and sharing baby’s first moments; or you, the weekend adventurer turning life’s most beautiful natural habitats into photo art.


See, all of us at Photofy have a passion for capturing life’s moments and scenery.  We feel that your photos are a true form of self-expression, and self-expression is meant to be shared.  The Photofy app is available on iOS and Google Play, and it allows you to upload your favorite photos, select a filter, choose fun graphics, add text and then share it via your favorite social media outlet, or simply store it to your camera roll.  You create the memory, Photofy will help you capture it and share it with family, friends or clients.

In the coming posts, we’ll introduce you to the many ways you can use the Photofy app, including tips on capturing the best photos, photo trends, ideas for your upcoming holiday photos and tutorials on how to make your photo pop.  We’ll even let you know about updates and new releases for new designs, features and contests.

Photofy is fun, quick and easy to use…join the world of photo expression and download our app today for your iPhone or Android device!