55 thoughts you have while standing in line for coffee


We all love that cup o’ joe. But it doesn’t always come easy. Here are some thoughts we’ve all had while going to get a mid-day break.

  1. Man, I need to get out of this chair and move around, time for a coffee break.
  2. I’ll just go to Starbucks
  3. Nah, I’ll get something around the corner
  4. Ok, who else wants to go get coffee with me?
  5. Wait, they’ll just make me pay and bring it all back.
  6. Forget THAT.
  7. It is SO nice outside
  8. Look at that girl sitting in the coffee shop window
  9. Why does she get to sit in a coffee shop at 3 in the afternoon?
  10. I want a work laptop.
  11. Why can’t I have a work laptop?
  12. I’d work from home in a heart beat
  13. That might get boring though
  14. Ok, what kind of coffee do I want?
  15. Iced, frappe or hot?
  16. Well, it’s warm outside
  17. So iced
  18. Or frappe?
  19. Iced.
  20. Ok what flavor?
  21. Vanilla
  22. One shot of espresso or 2?
  23. Let’s just do 1
  24. “What size?”
  25. What size?! I’ve already made like 5 decisions.
  26. Do you know how hard it is to pick a temp and a flavor?
  27. Ok well grande
  28. I mean medium
  29. $3.78
  30. Yea right. Almost 4 dollars?
  31. This barista is getting on my last nerve.
  32. Wow, I need to kick coffee.
  33. How many people am I behind?
  34. This is going to turn into a 20 min trip.
  35. I should get a Keurig for the office.
  36. But it can’t make iced drinks…
  37. Oh, I can just put ice in it.
  38. I’ll do that.
  39. Hmm I wonder if Bed, Bath and Beyond will ship it for free?
  40. Or should I get it from Amazon?
  41. The mini Keurig is SO cute.
  42. It would look adorable in my cube.
  43. And what color?
  44. They come in about 15 colors.
  45. Decisions, decisions.
  46. Oh my drink’s ready.
  47. You mispronounced my name but I’ll let this one slide.
  48. Yummissss
  49. This is why I come here.
  50. When will my Keurig get here?
  51. I cannot spend $4 on iced coffee everyday.
  52. Yum
  53. Yumm
  54. Yummm!
  55. This is the best.