Summer Internships

To all you Millennials out there searching for an internship, you aren’t alone. Finding and landing that perfect summer internship can be difficult. Our own Social Media intern understands that internships require a lot of time and hard work, but they are definitely fun and rewarding too. Maybe we are a little biased, but we think she has the best summer internship ever! Here’s what she has to say about her experience as a summer intern:

Internship season is upon us! Whether you’re a rising college sophomore looking to add more experience to your resume, or a recent college graduate hoping to segue an internship opportunity into a full-time position, May is the month to secure an offer.

I can empathize with the struggle and ensuing stress that takes hold of your life during the dash to find a company that deems you hirable. As a college student myself, I am well acquainted with the ordeal of landing an internship.

It’s hard enough to distinguish yourself from the ever increasing pool of qualified competition in the job market, much less find an opportunity that aligns perfectly with your interests and passions. This is why I am so lucky and happy to be interning with Photofy, Inc. this summer as a Social Media Intern.

As a self-proclaimed artist and lover of Instagram, I feel that I have found the perfect internship that combines my creative and artistic pursuits with my social media skills.

The title of Social Media Intern is coveted among many Millennials to whom social media skills come as first nature as breathing. At Photofy, it is my task to help the Photofy social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and We Heart It increase in following and engagement, as well as assist with the blog post writing!

My favorite thing about Photofy is that the team is truly dedicated and passionate about making the best photo editing app ever! In my opinion, the Photofy app has the best graphics, typography, and effects available. Whether you’re taking a selfie, a scenery shot, or capturing any other aspect of your life, Photofy truly enables users to have limitless possibilities when it comes to photo editing and enhancement.

I love using the Photofy app to embellish and enhance my own photos. Below you can check-out the “Photofy Make-over” that I gave to some of the photos I posted on my personal Instagram account and you’ll start to see why I love Photofy so much!

photo1 (5) photo2 (3)


photo1 photo1 (3)



photo2 (2) photo1 (4)