Photofy Memes

Just in case you haven’t heard, Photofy has memes. Exciting, right? YES!

Be honest, you’ve spent a lot of time at work looking at funny memes, sending them to your coworkers, and trying to suppress your laughter so your boss doesn’t get suspicious.

Here are a few of our favorite memes and a Photofy meme. Enjoy!

Having a bad day? Grumpy Cat is too.

grumpy cat

You can’t go wrong with a Ron Burgundy meme.


Or what about this meme?

call me maybe

Those are just a few funny memes. A “quick” search for  meme will, most likely, turn into 30 minutes of side splitting laughter instead of working. Laughter is the best medicine, not to mention a good work out.

Don’t forget to check out the memes we’ve created. Every Friday the Photofy team will provide a few laughs with a one-of-a-kind Photofunny. We think we are pretty funny people, and we know you are too.

blog meme

So now it’s your turn to let the creative juices flow. Snap a picture, or use one you already have, and start creating those memes. Once you choose your photo, use the text tool to add your text. Follow us on Instagram (@photofyapp) and share your memes with us using #Photofunny. Show us what you’ve got!