Using Photofy as a Branding Tool

Whether you are a local family-owned business, or a large multi-billion dollar international corporation, having a strong and well defined brand presence is absolutely essential to the success and growth of your company.

With the emergence of social media, a new opportunity has presented itself for brands to build closer relationships with their customers and consumers, as well as strengthen brand loyalty. Through the use of commenting, tagging, hashtagging, and sharing, social media has transformed the realm of consumer-brand relations from a monologue into a dialogue.

But what is branding, and how can Photofy help? Branding is the identity that you sculpt for your business based upon the core values of the business, and the overall experience you want to create for consumers.

The most effective branding is based upon a strong idea that consumers can latch onto and connect with. Photofy helps make these ideas and values tangible by empowering your business to easily create customized and compelling visual content without having to contract out to a graphic designer.

By using Photofy you become your own graphic designer, and can create branded content to fuel your various social media outlets on a daily basis. By consistently providing your consumer-following with fresh content, the dialogue between your brand and your consumer will flourish.

An example of a business we LOVE that is using Photofy is Shoptiques. Based out of NYC, Shoptiques is a website that allows you to “explore the finest boutiques from Paris to New York,” and discover hot trends and items from boutiques across the globe, all under one roof.

Shoptiques has been using Photofy to create visual content for their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to help advertise new arrivals, exhibit new trends, and promote messages that they, as a brand, believe in.

We’ve definitely taken notice of their expert use of Photofy and we hope you will too! Check out some of the content they have created using Photofy below.

Don’t forget to visit their website and social media outlets for even more great ideas on how to use Photofy. Way to go Shoptiques, keep it up!

We hope to see even more businesses using Photofy on their social media sites, and we want to acknowledge those who already are! If you are using Photofy as a branding tool, let us know. We would love to see how our app is empowering your brand to grow and develop!

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