Ways for Parents of College Students to Use Photofy

It’s almost that time of year again, the time of year when parents are sending their children off to college. Regardless of whether this is only your first child to fly the coop, or you now have a completely empty nest, there are many ways for you to commemorate this major milestone in your child’s life by using Photofy. Check out the ideas below for great suggestions on how to celebrate sending your child off to college. Keep in mind that the text, design elements, and stickers you see below can be re-sized, repositioned, and turned into different colors within the Photofy app.

1. College Acceptance Letters: This is the first stop on the journey to higher education, and getting these letters in the mail is always a very exciting time for any incoming college student. Capture those exhilarating and anticipation-fraught moments of envelope opening with Photofy. Snap pictures of college decision letters when they arrive, and of your child holding their acceptance letters proudly! Combine these photos using the collage feature and include some of the following designs and stickers in the Photofy app.


2. First Campus Tour: These are your child’s very first steps on the college campus that will help sculpt him or her into a young adult, and prepare them for their future careers. This is a very big moment indeed. Take pictures of you and your child in front of various buildings and monuments around campus, and use some Photofy content to jazz up your photos. Just think four years into the future…won’t it be something special for you to show your college grad their very first moments at their chosen university? The following are some of the graphic elements at your disposal, as well as a small sampling from the 90+ fonts Photofy equips you with.


3. Orientation: College orientation is your child’s first real “taste” of college, and is an immersive crash course on how the university operates. Usually there are activities for students and parents, seminars, and opportunities to get all your questions answered about campus life and academics. With all these opportunities come a lot of opportunities to take pictures! Before you upload these pictures online, be sure to check out the orientation-specific designs Photofy has to offer. Keep in mind that Photofy will be adding additional collegiate content to our repertoire at the end of August.


4. Move-In Day: This is it, the day you’ve probably been dreading, and the day your college-bound student has been counting down to. The car is packed with boxes of clothes, school supplies, the mini-fridge, twin-xl sheets, and all the creature comforts necessary to turn a dorm room into a real home. Don’t forget to mark the occasion by  snapping some pics in-between hauling boxes. A cool idea would be to take a picture of the room once your child is finished setting everything up and embellish the photo with some Photofy stickers that reflect how your child decorated the room. Photofy truly has a design or sticker for every occassion.


5. Parents Weekend: Don’t worry, after you’ve dropped off your college student on move-in day there are plenty of occasions to come back. One of the most popular times to visit is for Parents Weekend. You’ll have the opportunity to attend special events, see the progress your child has made on acclimating to their new surroundings, as well as take plenty of pictures. I’m sure you’ll be beaming with pride as your child confidently takes you around campus.

IMG_1880 IMG_1881

We hope this post gave you some good ideas on how to document this important time in your child’s life! Share your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging @Photofyapp and using #photofyapp and #photofy .