Timing is Everything

As a REALTOR® our job description is simple. We help our clients buy and sell real estate.

We set up appointments to show buyers properties, physically show properties and then ensure that all steps are taken to guarantee a smooth buying experience. There are plenty of behind the scenes steps that go along with buying a home.

A Realtor’s biggest and most challenging job is listing a property. After initially listing a seller’s property to the MLS, our journey has just begun. The seller trusts you to sell that property, for the amount they want, in as little time as possible. Social media marketing plays a huge role in a successful listing, and amazing and timely content is crucial to your social media campaign.

Let’s assume you just made an image using the Photofy app. It’s a photo of a home you just listed with information about an open house coming up this Sunday. You want to get this professional image out on some social media platforms. Keep in mind that no one posting time works best for all social platforms. Each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has days and times that are better for publishing than others.

Lucky for you, someone did the legwork for you already and after 16 studies, they figured out how and when this content needs to be shared for maximum results!

Based on the Central and Eastern time zones (80% of the population lives in these zones) here is your cheat sheet for when to post on four social platforms that make the most sense for Realtors.