Unlock more Photofy for Less!

We have had a lot of our customers ask us if there was a way to unlock more Photofy, instead of having to purchase individual packs and features. We think we’ve figured out a way to do just that…

Introducing 3 new ways to get more Photofy!

  • Photofy Premium Subscription: 99¢/mo… unlocks all designs
  • Photofy Premium Plus+: $1.99/mo … unlocks all designs and functionality, (Color Spectrum, Masks, Watermark Removal, Scheduler, Repost, Light Fx, etc) except industry specific content.
  • Photofy Business Collection (formerly “AllThePhotofy): $5.99/ mo… Everything from Photofy Premium, plus Logo+ and all industry specific content (IE Real Estate, restaurants, etc)

These are all available now in the Photofy Marketplace!