Save Time with RE/MAX + Photofy Pro

A letter from one of our users, Sharon Beck:

Time: The one thing there never seems to be enough of. Between running a business, running a household, trying to maintain a personal life and your sanity, there just seems to not be enough time in the day. You don’t need to sleep, right?!

When it comes to your business, your time is a precious commodity. Everything you do has to be productive, or you lose time you do not have. Between the current tools and new tools that are being dropped daily, it is easy to get overwhelmed with learning and relearning the same thing over and over, just packaged differently. That’s where Photofy comes in and saves the day!

To put it mildly, I am a tech nerd! I love new toys and gadgets and I geek out when new technology is created to help agents. One thing I have that, you as the agent do not, is time to learn the tech and gauge how productive the tool is going to be for your business. Again, here is where Photofy comes in and saves the day!

Photofy has created a tool that makes creating Social Media graphics and even posting them a process that can take less than 5 minutes! So in the time it takes to get your coffee at Starbucks, pick your kid up from that long pick up line, wait for your client to show up at the listing or get dinner done, you can have custom content created and posted to FB, Instagram and Twitter. And it doesn’t take a rocket science degree to figure out the App!

From its easy to use interface, custom RE/MAX content already loaded and hundreds of cool combinations of templates and artwork, the only work needed on your part is uploading the picture you want to customize. It also provides you with hundreds of royalty free photos to use to create ads and marketing pieces to promote your business. No more Google searches and illegal use of other’s photos!

Basically, in the time it has taken you to read this short blog post, you could have created one of these awesome photos below! Having trouble navigating the App or just need a little inspiration? Shoot me an email at!

Sharon Beck
Director of Agent Services
RE/MAX Heritage

Thank you Sharon, for being so supportive of this partnership! We are so excited to see your content, and how you use the RE/MAX+Photofy Pro subscription!

Want to learn more? Check out or come see Photofy in booth 450 at R4!

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