The Acceleration of Retail Change | Rockstar CMO eBook

Retail has been in a state of change for years now. After a fitful start in Dotcom1, alternative channels have been growing steadily and offering shoppers a multitude of ways to discover, obtain, and service stuff that does, and does not include a store. Shoppers have responded in ways that aren’t linear but rather they have started shopping how THEY want to rather than how they were previously able to.

Many retailers responded to these changes, some slowly, others in more of a Band-Aid approach, not really taking it seriously. Shoppers tried different models, using what worked best for THEM. Things went on pretty predictably from there. Some retailers prospered and took share from others. People debated the mythical ‘retail apocalypse’ as the frog in the pot began to heat up.

Then Covid-19 hit…

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The Employee Amplifier

In this Long Play, sponsored by Photofy, we explore Employee Created Content (ECC). It’s proven to engage employees, is trusted by consumers craving authenticity and we share how you can crank the employee amplifier up to 11!