Special Offer News: Photofy + nanobébé

Capturing and documenting the special moments of your little one along the way can easily get overlooked.  That’s why Photofy has teamed up with nanobébé to bring you templates and designs made to celebrate and save life’s more precious moments, at your fingertips… and it’s all free. Nanobébé created the first breast milk bottle specifically … Continue reading “Special Offer News: Photofy + nanobébé”

Trends Driving In-store Experience

Earlier this year, our CEO Rebecca Horton chatted with foot traffic analytics company Dor about key trends driving the future of in-store experience. We focused especially on applications of trends that had a strong operational foundation, to ensure they could be easily applied and scaled, rather than looked at as ‘the cool exciting thing that’s … Continue reading “Trends Driving In-store Experience”

Employee Created Content vs Employee Generated Content

Employee Created Content #ECC is a fast-growing trend in modern marketing, and brands who embrace it over dated control-focused employee policies around their online presence will be positioned to speed ahead of competition. Many companies are looking at how they can best leverage their employees to help them in the never-ending need for more content. … Continue reading “Employee Created Content vs Employee Generated Content”

#NobodyCares Webshow: Episode 18 – We’re old enough to Crypto

John, Casey, and Mike (again) talk Crypto and the future of retail, online payments, and the web. Related Links: John’s Article Apple Quietly Moves into Crypto