One Audience SDK Data Statement

On November 13th, 2019, Google alerted Photofy that it had violated Google’s terms of service by having a third party application that could access data on its platform. We investigated and found the app in question was OneAudience, an audience intelligence service. OneAudience has an SDK (software development kit) weakness that could potentially be exploited … Continue reading “One Audience SDK Data Statement”

Build Your Brand “With a Little Help from Your Friends”

Author: Ted Rubin, CMO Photofy Who doesn’t remember the old Beatles classic “With a Little Help from My Friends?” I can hear that tune and Ringo Star singing the lyrics in my head, can’t you? “Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. Mmm, I get high with a little help from … Continue reading “Build Your Brand “With a Little Help from Your Friends””

Unlock #AllThePhotofy is Coming Soon!

You asked…We answered…(Or is it we asked, you answered?) If you want to build a great business, you spend a bunch of time asking your customers how you’re doing, finding out what they like, what you can do better and making it so. We recently sent out an in-app survey to Photofy Users with a … Continue reading “Unlock #AllThePhotofy is Coming Soon!”

Photofy and SIGGPAY Partner Up to Enhance Influencer Marketing

SIGGPAY is a quickly growing Nano Influencer Marketing Company that is giving everyday people the chance to monetize their social media accounts. They’re not looking for the influencers with millions of followers. They want the smaller numbers. The influencers that speak to their followers, not speak at them. Their goal is to build on the … Continue reading “Photofy and SIGGPAY Partner Up to Enhance Influencer Marketing”

Advertising with Photofy – Marketplace Packages

Photofy has created some unique advertising solutions for our brand partners to not only engage with our global user base, but to also target their existing customers. Let us help you expand the presence of your brand while enabling your current and prospective customers to connect, create and share branded social content leveraging one of … Continue reading “Advertising with Photofy – Marketplace Packages”