First Time Photofy Tutorial

One of the best features of Photofy is that it lets you look like a professional without having a professional camera, high-grade photo lens or the perfect lighting.  With just a few clicks, you can transform your everyday photos into mini works of art and then share them with friends, family and your social media groups.

If you’re a first time Photofy user, welcome to the world of enhancement and creativity!  You’ll be surprised to learn just how easy it is to create your first Photofy picture…

Enhancing with Photofy

Step One: Click on the Photofy app on your Adroid, iPhone or iPad.

Step Two: Choose the “Capture Photo” button to take a photo on the fly, or the “Choose Photo” button to enhance a photo you have already captured.  In this tutorial, we are selecting “Choose Photo”.

Step Three:  Tell us where your photo is located, whether it is in your photo albums, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox.


Step Four: Once you have selected a photo, you can use your fingers to move, enlarge or decrease the size of your photo.  Once you have the perfect fit, click “Continue”.

Crop your photo

Step Five: Popular photo stickers will pop up after your photo is selected.  You can browse through the stickers shown, or click the “View More” button at the top of the app.  When you click the “View More” button, you will see the available categories you can choose from.

Choose your sticker

Step Six: When you find the perfect sticker, click on it.  You’ll the be taken to our photo effects screen where you can alter the size and rotation of your sticker, change your photo saturation, re-crop, add text or a frame.  When you are finished, click “Preview”, and then “Save & Share”.

save and share

Step Seven: When you are happy with your Photofy creation, you can choose to share via social media, pin to Pinterest or send as an eCard passaGram!