Social Media Savvy Moms

By: Monica Brady

My family lives all the way across the country from the rest of our extended family, and thanks to my husband’s military career, we have friends across the globe. It’s tough to keep up with every event, all of the time, so social media is a great tool to quickly share our family events with our family and friends around the world.

I’m a photographer, so I love to take pictures, probably a little too much. My family doesn’t get to visit much because of the distance, so they really rely on me to share photos and let them know what’s going on! Whether it’s an awards ceremony, or a sports event, there is something in Photofy that I, or any social media savvy mom can use to create really fun images to easily post across all of your social media accounts.

That time we took a cruise to the Bahamas and our girls met their favorite characters…

puppy love

I even shared the moment our new best friend arrived at our home…


And of course, something that I’ll keep on sharing until he is done with Triathlons, I love to show off all of my husband’s achievements in his latest multisport endeavors.

Photofy is super easy to use when it comes to enhancing and sharing your family’s excitement across your social media channels, and best of all.. It’s free!