Introducing PassaGram


If you’ve become familiar with your Photofy app, you’ve probably noticed the passaGram sharing option on the SHARE page of our app.  The passaGram has to be one of my favorite features available for sharing…but what exactly is a passaGram?  A passaGram is a modern e-card that allows you to share your Photofy art with family, friends and clients via email.  PassaGram is simple, intuitive and you don’t have to sign up for an account to use the service.

How it works: Once you customize your photo with stickers, text and frames, you simply click on passaGram, which will prompt you to enter your name, email address, recipient email address and a personalized message.  You can also choose a background to coordinate with your photo, (autumn, baby, summer, birthday, wedding, family, love and more).  When you’re finished uploading all of your delivery details, you can preview your passaGram.  Once it is sent to your recipient, and you’ll also receive a copy.

So what will your passaGram email look like?  I sent out this autumn passaGram today, and couldn’t be more thrilled!  The border of the e-card is filled with modern fall words and typography, which frame my photo in Polaroid form.  I love how my personalized message comes up at the bottom of the photo and how the background perfectly complements our fun autumn outing.


With passaGram you can send a birthday greeting, send well wishes to a friend before her big day or simply share a fun photo with friends.   Who will you send your first passaGram to?