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Drive engagement and increase your Scentsy Consultant business with Photofy‘s Easy-to-Use Social Media Content Creator App and Social Analytics dashboard.

Create stunning Scentsy marketing materials in minutes.

Access thousands of assets including stock photos and videos in addition to exclusive Scentsy-branded content. Create using mobile, tablet, and our beta desktop editor. Use the desktop portal to check your social impact.

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Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Photofy’s Powerful Features.

Scentsy branding

Empower your brand with Scentsy and Photofy's marketing content kit. Instantly share stunning graphics with Quick Shares for social media.

powerful editor

Create stunning graphics with Photofy's library for easy product promotion. Engage on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Content Scheduler

Effortlessly schedule Scentsy content with Photofy's scheduler. Save time, focus on growing your business.

social analytics

Optimize Scentsy marketing with enhanced content insights. Photofy's Social Analytics measures success across channels.

team growth

Maximize team success with Photofy's Team Templates and collaboration features. Maintain brand consistency across your Scentsy team effortlessly.

Support & training

Empower your Scentsy marketing with on-demand support and training. Access tutorials, webinars, and a comprehensive knowledge base to unlock your full potential.

Subscription Plans

All plans include Photofy‘s intuitive mobile app, Social Analytics, and the new Beta Desktop Editor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Scentsy+Photofy Pro Subscription service is offered by Photofy. Photofy is a partner of Scentsy and has worked with Scentsy to provide you an easy to use platform to allow you to create beautiful, branded content to market your Scentsy business better than the rest.

Scentsy provides and manages all of the graphics for you to use and personalize to support you in marketing your Scentsy business.

Subscribing to the Scentsy + Photofy account unlocks a mobile photo editing and content creation platform to create custom branded fliers and social posts. 

Scentsy consultants will gain access to:

  • Scentsy branded Stock Photos
  • Scentsy branded Templates
  • Scentsy branded Artwork: logos, designs, wordart
  • Scentsy branded Reposts
  • Scentsy Inspiration Stream
  • Frequently updated Scentsy designs & photos upon new product releases, campaigns or initiatives.
  • Premium photo editing features.
  • Pre-filled links to your website for certain designs
  • Custom Artwork referencing your name and website
  • Simple share screen to all major social channels.
The marketing team at Scentsy creates and manages all assets available in your Scentsy + Photofy Enterprise galleries. This helps ensure that images are up to date and ready for various holidays and events! Product images will change, and rotate based on the current catalog. 
  • If you’re curious what product images should be available in Photofy, check out the latest Scentsy catalog.
  • If you’re looking to create images with older, or retired, products that are no longer in the Scentsy galleries, this might be a great opportunity to create a video or free form image with the products you have on hand!
  • Also, please ensure that your push notifications are turned on, as Scentsy may send a push notification to your phone when major announcements, changes and additions happen.

Some artwork has been designed to autofill with your specific information (business links, facebook handle), so you do not have to manually type it out. After setting up your subscription and returning to the app, you will be prompted to enter your personal tokens. Moving forward, your dynamic artwork and share screen will autofill when applicable.

If you’re not a designer, feeling uncreative, or just in a hurry to get your content posted, the Quick Share feature in your Enterprise subscription is perfect.

Quick Shares are designed images that are made for you by your company’s marketing team and no designing or editing is needed.

We’ve got answers! Visit our Support Center to browse the Knowledge Base, watch Video Tutorials, Register for a Training Session, or submit a Support Ticket.


Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Photofy’s Powerful Features.

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"A one stop shop for anything from Artwork and Logos to Templates. Photofy adheres to every level of creativity. It advocates for every individual that no matter where you’re at in the creative process, we have something to support you."

Bri White

Marketing Professional
never run out of content

“For business or personal, Photofy is a fantastic tool for your easy to use social media designs and posting! Plus they are always adding templates and ready to go graphics so you never run out of content!”

Heather H

Takes just minutes

“The Photofy App is awesome! I made this email signature, including all of the content for my website and Google pages. What used to take me forever in other apps, takes just minutes in Photofy. Photofy has made life a lot easier!”

Ann C

turnkey marketing solution

"...The customization, branded designs, and video capabilities of Photofy has provided our network with a turnkey marketing solution that instills confidence to create on-brand and engaging messaging to grow their business.”

James S

Marketing VP
We love the communication

“It’s been a phenomenal relationship and we’ve just really appreciated the responsiveness and the detail of the Photofy team. We love the communication around what’s coming and we love that they’re continuing to add features to the platform. The value of our partnership is only growing over time and we appreciate it!”

Hannah O

Technical Program Manager

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